Martha Stewart Sucks at Something Food-Related?!

Ok, this article from Jezebel probably cracked me up a bit more than it should have. But it’s just so nice to catch a glimpse of human imperfection in today’s paragon of domesticity! So apparently, Martha Stewart SUCKS at taking photos of her food. And what’s even sadder/funnier/more surprising, apparently she has NO idea how bad she is at this, because she keeps tweeting these visual atrocities with tasty captions that are blissfully oblivious to how awful the accompanying photos are! Take a look:

Martha Stewart Can’t Stop Tweeting Really Gross Pictures of Food

Erin Gloria Ryan

Martha Stewart Can't Stop Tweeting Really Gross Pictures of Food

For a woman who has built an empire marketing her own smugly tied gingham ribbon of perfection and self-satisfied domesticity, Martha Stewart is remarkably terrible at one thing that, in the digital age, is almost unavoidable: sharing pictures of food on social media. In fact, Martha Stewart’s Twitter feed is characterized by food photos so awful that they make gourmet cuisine look about as appetizing as medical textbooks.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Martha Stewart and her Cooking School book changed my life. It actually makes me feel good to know she’s not perfect. Makes her more relatable than even her felony conviction. But, Christ, the food tweets. They’re so bad.

First, there was [the photo above], which a friend pointed out to me today. It just looks like she drank a gallon of heavy cream, ran a mile to the quad, and barfed on a plate of lettuce as part of a bizarre hazing ritual. But the Icebarf lettuce wedge was only the tip of the Bad Twitter Food Photos iceberg…

Click here for the rest.



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