Month: May 2014

Trouble for The Streetcar (But Good News for Taxpayers?)

The DC Council just passed a new budget that allows for “modest income tax reductions” for most working DC residents. The trade-off? Streetcar funding has been gutted, and new sales taxes will be levied on establishments like yoga studios and gyms. Click through for the full story from the Washingtonian:

Photograph by Flickr user DearEdward.

One of My Top DIY Design Tools

Carpet tiles are one of my absolute favorite DIY Design tools. They really allow you to get your creative juices flowing and create a custom design to totally refresh your space. They can be super budget-friendly too – Home Depot has plenty of options starting as low as .99/square foot! Of course, those are just basic solid tiles, but as you’ll see if you check out my Pinterest board below, you can have plenty of fun mixing and matching solid tiles.

And if you feel like splurging a bit, Flor has tons of gorgeous colors and patterns to play with.


When it comes to redecorating, once I have a great idea, I want to run with it IMMEDIATELY. Carpet tiles are super quick and easy to install yourself – not only does that add to their budget-friendliness, it also makes it totally feasible for you to completely makeover your space in 24 hours or less! Now that’s my kind of timeline.

One of my favorite ways to play with carpet tiles is to create a pattern using one or two neutral colors (gray/black, shades of tan, etc.) and then throwing in just a few small splashes of a super bold color throughout. Because it’s so easy to swap out just a few tiles, you don’t need to be nervous about playing with bold colors – you can always change them up if you get tired of them! Here are some great examples:

Another wonderful way to play is to create checkerboard-like patterns with varying shades of the same hue, or varying textures of the same color. Behold:

There are endless patterns, designs, and shapes to play with. Carpet tiles don’t just come in square shapes, so fun with geometry is definitely an option:

Bold, striped patterns are another great choice:

And you can “weave” patterns together in all sorts of visually fascinating ways:

The options are literally endless, and can be a bit overwhelming, so check out my Carpet Tile board on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration!