Yummy News for Mt. Vernon Triangle!


The folks behind Georgetown’s Baked and Wired have officially announced that they are bringing a new concept to the Lyric Building in Mt. Vernon Triangle! The building is at 5th and K NW, right across from City Vista, and their space is roughly 4,000 square feet.


Unlike Baked and Wired, their new concept will have a much heavier emphasis on savory offerings, and less on the sweet side. In fact, as of now they are saying they won’t offer their wildly popular cupcakes at this shop at all – instead opting for pies and bar cookies as their sweet offerings. (In my humble opinion, if they know what’s good for their business, they’ll change their minds about that particular decision pronto.) That said, customers can call ahead and place special orders for treats from Baked and Wired to pick up at the new spot.


The new cafe will focus heavily on artisanal breadmaking, which is GREAT news for a local food community that has long lamented the lack of truly great bread in this city. They will also offer an “artisanal toast bar.” Yup, toast. The artisanal toast craze began in San Francisco (big surprise), and is apparently making it’s way to DC. In addition to toasty slices of their fancy breads, the new shop will offer a variety of sweet and savory house-made spreads to top your toast with. And while I can’t totally get behind the idea of fancy toast (I still can’t say “artisanal toast” without rolling my eyes), I have to say that some of the spreads sound downright delicious: Nutella + sea salt, peanut butter, banana, + honey, salmon + chive cream cheese, and avocado + sea salt.


The cafe will offer a simple weekend brunch, featuring things like “cinnamon rolls, Belgian waffles, poached eggs with prosciutto, and, of course, toast.” – J. Sidman, Washington City Paper. There will also be a small market inside the space, and the occasional pizza night.


All in all, I feel like the concept sounds delicious though a bit scattered. But it won’t deliver til next year, so they have plenty of time to tighten up their plans (read: add cupcakes to the menu!!)


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