DIY Pumpkin Patch!


This weekend my fella and I headed up to Westminster, MD for an apple- and pumpkin-tastic weekend, and I may have gotten a little carried away when we were shopping the pumpkin patch. But I have to say, turning our front yard into a mini pumpkin patch has been WAY more fun than my usual practice of setting 2-3 basketball-sized pumpkins on our front steps. So if you, like me, are the type who enjoys a bit of seasonal flair about the house as the weather begins to cool, I highly suggest that you carve out an afternoon and head out past the burbs to one of VA or MD’s many pumpkin farms. (You can find a great list of options here.) Not only will you have a much bigger and more interesting variety of gourds to choose from, but they will be *much* cheaper than buying punkins in the big city – meaning you can stock up on enough of them to create a mini-masterpiece like mine above! For extra fun, grab a couple of apple crates or bales of hay as props to help create different height levels and add some more variety to your display.


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