Working from home this morning with my favorite study buddy, Mr. Manny Pacqui-meow! He’s helping me do my homework to get ready for my first coaching call tomorrow with my new business coach, the fabulous @lisekuecker !!! A lot of folks – friends and clients alike – have been surprised when I told them I hired a business coach. While I SO appreciate their confidence in me, I think it’s crucial for us all to remember that we can and should never stop learning. No matter how good you may be at something, there is always more for you to learn, and there is always someone who is better than you who can teach you. Personally, I felt that I had plateaued with my business and gotten as far as I could with what I already know. I could keep trying to figure it out for myself, throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks, but the yoga business is a wheel that has already been invented. So why try to build it from scratch myself? Lise is a proven businesswoman whose strengths align perfectly with the areas that I know I need to work on. Not only has she built four incredibly successful businesses around the country in my exact industry, but her focus on developing systems and recurring processes to automate revenue generation is exactly what I need help with. But most importantly of all, the philosophy underlying all of her work and teachings aligns perfectly with my own: you do not need to burn yourself out to be a success. In fact, you will be MORE successful in whatever you do if you are healthy, happy, and well balanced in life. I believe that my purpose as a yoga teacher, studio owner, and serial entrepreneur is to teach my audience how to embrace this philosophy and work it into your everyday life. Her work as a consultant is to teach business owners how to do the same. Could she be a more perfect fit for me? So excited to start this journey!!! #NeverStopLearning #NeverEnough #KeepGoing #Teacher #Mentor #Coach #BusinessCoach #LifeLongJourney #LifeLongLearner #Humble #ReachForTheStars #Dreams #Ambition #Hustle #StayGrounded #DoTheWork #StudyBuddy #Cat #WorkFromHome #DreamJob #LiveYourDreams #SmallBusinessOwner #ThatYogaLife #OffTheMat #ThatEntrepreneurLife

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