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Radici Now Open on The Hill


From Marvelous Market to the Silver Spork and now Radici – with such a prime location, you’d think the space at the corner of 7th and C SE (right across from Eastern Market) would have no trouble staying in business. And yet here we are, with the third iteration in as many years. Here’s hoping this one sticks!

Radici will be a grab and go style cafe during the week, and will offer table service on weekends. Two Italian chefs – one from the north, one from the south – are running the kitchen, so we can look forward to a wide variety of pastas, small plates, and “pizzettes”. The detail that has me most excited? They serve Illy coffee!! I actually had the honor of trying their first-ever latte, and I have to say, they are definitely doing the Illy name justice.

The folks behind Radici put a lot of money into completely changing the space. Terra Cotta tiles imported from Italy and Venetian glass lamps are just a few of the fun highlights. But I’ll let the photos do the talking:



Imported Italian lemon trees inhabit the two window seats. They should be bearing fruit by next year!

IMG_5705 IMG_5706 IMG_5707 IMG_5708

Up For Debate: Expanding the Hill’s Historic District

Hill Historic-District-Expansion

The Hill Rag reports that meetings, conversations, applications, and red tape are all underway in an attempt to expand the official Historic District on Capitol Hill. The article does a great job of explaining the nitty-gritties of the process and debate, and the photo above does a great job of showing where the current and proposed boundaries are. Not surprisingly, the proposed expansion extends north to H Street and east to the stadium – aka, the parts of the Hill that have recently (in the past 2-4 years) exploded in popularity. There are a lot of details and nuances to this conversation – again, detailed in this Hill Rag article – but if you don’t have the time and/or interest to read through, here are my two biggest takeaways:

Pro-Expansion: Preserve the charm of the Hill neighborhood by preventing an overabundance of the shiny (and often of questionable quality) condo/apartment buildings that have started popping up at a slightly alarming rate.

Anti-Expansion: If you own a home in a Historic District, getting work done on said home is GIANT pain in the tush. Special permits are required that take forever to obtain, the nature of the work that you’re allowed to do on your home can be very limited, and the cost of hiring a contractor with the appropriate skills and training to do your work can be prohibitive.


Hot or Not?


The Washington Post recently reported on the three “hottest” neighborhoods in DC with the help of data from Real Estate Business Intelligence (RBI). And by what measure did they dub them thusly?

“Since there is no singular definition for what makes a neighborhood popular, we looked at a few data points: the number of new listings, the length of time homes are on the market before they sell, and whether the properties sell for more than the original listing price. After crunching all the numbers, it quickly became clear that three distinct D.C. neighborhoods dominate the playing field.”

And the three “winners” are (drumroll please):

Dupont Circle/AdMo (Zip = 20009)
Columbia Heights
Capitol Hill

For more details and a full breakdown on the data, check out the complete article here. 

Clearly, if you own property in one of these neighborhoods, then you should seriously be considering selling. (Unless of course you just bought your place.) But here’s something for my homebuyers out there to chew on. Does the fact that these neighborhoods are so “hot” based on the above-named criteria actually make them good locations for you to be shopping in? Or does this article actually serve as a good list of neighborhoods for you to avoid if you’re not interested in engaging in a bidding war?

Don’t get me wrong, these are all fabulous neighborhoods and I’ve managed to find some great deals for my clients in these areas, even in the midst of the current market madness. I’m just saying that it’s worth reading between the lines a little bit when it comes to big fancy labels like “Hottest Hoods in Town.”

If you own in one of those areas and are thinking about selling, or are thinking about buying and are curious about some of the neighborhoods in town that would make great alternatives to the ones listed above, shoot me an email!

Barracks Row Jam Session

Aaand here’s Capitol Hill’s response to last week’s live music at the Metro post from Men’s Life DC. I came across this motley crew as I was heading home from dinner on Barracks Row earlier this week, and could not think of a better way to cap off the evening. Clearly, DC’s musical traditions are alive and well!