Grand Opening

DC’s 1st Urban Wal-Marts Opened Today. Take a Look!

I swung by and snapped a few photos of the brand-new “urban” Wal-Mart at 99 H St. NW this morning. (The Wal-Mart at 5929 Georgia Ave. opened yesterday too.) The exterior and entrance lobby are pretty fancy schmancy, but once inside, it looked like a pretty normal Wal-Mart to me – cheap prices, cheap brands, BIG space. It was pretty packed so I didn’t venture too far in, but these shots should give you a good idea of what to expect:

Click here to see listings near the new H Street Walmart
Click here to see listings near the new Georgia Ave. Walmart

IMG_0510IMG_0511IMG_0519  IMG_0517 IMG_0516 IMG_0515 IMG_0513  IMG_0518

This is the 5941st Wal-mart in the world. For those of you with cars/Zipcars/Car2Go, parking will be free for 2 hours for Wally-world customers.

Click here to see listings near the new H Street Walmart


Sneak Peek: A Tour of The New Giant at City Market at O

Yesterday I got to do a sneak preview walkthrough of the slightly epic (72 THOUSAND square feet!!!!) new Giant grocery store opening as an anchor to the City Market at O. The soft opening festivities begin today at 2, with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 6pm. The Giant opens officially Friday morning at 6am, and will be open from 6am-midnight 7 days a week. Take a look:

The historic market’s facade was maintained, making this one of the prettiest Giants I’ve ever seen (from the outside, at least).





Inside, skylights and a formerly-exterior-now-interior brick wall mark where the historic space ends and the new construction begins. The place is huge. HUGE.





Adorable aesthetic touches like these streetlamps with “street signs” pointing you to the store’s various sections are scattered throughout the store.



The historic-looking street lamps also adorn the checkout lanes instead of the typical boring lights.



The biggest cheese section of any Giant, complete with a tasting table (not pictured) that will offer samples daily.



View from the upstairs cafe space. Did I mention this store is HUGE?



(Nerd Alert) The extra space apparently means extra-detailed signs, which I LOVE. For instance, check out the last item on the left side of the aisle 11 sign below. I NEVER know where to find the breadcrumbs at the store! It’s the little things in life, people.


This Giant also has the largest “natural foods” section of any Giant store. Mostly this is them pushing their “Nature’s Promise” brand, but there really is a very wide selection of “natural” foods, frozen and dry. I didn’t have time to ask what the definition of “natural” is though.


Honestly, aside from some nice aesthetic touches, some prepared food options (pizza, sandwiches, and sushi prepared on-site), and a space to sit and eat, this is pretty much a normal Giant – aside from being extra huge, of course. But it looks like the hugeness is mostly packed with additional grocery options (so you have 20 different types of chicken broth to choose from instead of 10.) I do enjoy what they did with the outer facade though, and the effort they went to to maintain as much of the original building as they could. My question is whether the neighborhood is actually dense enough to support a store this large. I guess we’ll see!