Dining Bisnow: Top 4 Slices in Town

Did you catch last week’s Dining Bisnow? I listed my picks for best places to grab a slice in town, toured Doi Moi (the latest from restaurant dream-team Mark Kuller and Haidar Karoum), and more! Check out the teaser below, or the full column here.

Top Four Slices in Town

Despite our relative proximity to NYC, finding a quality slice of pizzacan be a challenge. We’re talking floppy, foldable, and full of flavor. (Notice jumboness wasn’t on the list.) Here are four of the best.

Wiseguy NY Pizza

One of the newest arrivals on the DC slice scene, these guys take their pies seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they elicited input from 100 “pizza snobs“—defined as people in the pizza business or anyone from NYC—to take a first taste before opening day last fall….