Month: August 2013

Multifamily Project Revived in Shaw

The site of multifamily development Flats at Blagden Alley (that charming side street in Shaw where Rogue 24 is tucked away) has a new owner – which likely means the development will be underway soon. The Shaw area is hot as can be, so more inventory is great news for potential buyers. Washington Business Journal has more: 


Aug 28, 2013, 11:21am EDT UPDATED: Aug 28, 2013, 12:42pm EDT

Flats at Blagden Alley to get new life under new owners


Saul Investment Group LLC has purchased the site of the planned Flats at Blagden Alley.
Courtesy of MAC Realty Advisors

Saul Investment Group LLC has purchased the site of the planned Flats at Blagden Alley.

Staff Reporter-Washington Business Journal
Saul Investment Group LLC, the real estate firm launched by former Saul Centers President B. Francis Saul III, has acquired the site of a planned condo development in Shaw known as the Flats at Blagden Alley.

An Update on the H Street Streetcar!

The folks behind the streetcar are still sticking to their promises of delivering this winter! Bisnow has more:


Streetcar: Where Is the Darn Thing?

We’re not trying to rush anyone, it’s just that we’ve been standing outside on H Street since 1997—the year we first heard whispers about streetcar. Our train still hasn’t come, and it’s starting to rain.



DDOT’s Dara Ward tells us the streetcar is still on schedule to begin operations on the H Street Corridor in late 2013. How will one of the nation’s hippest neighborhoods (as confirmed by Forbes in 2012) handle this new addition—especially with 5% annual population growth? Dara’s not worried and thinks the streetcar will continue to transform H Street into a hot DC destination…

Why Do I Need a Realtor? I Have Redfin/Zillow/Trulia!


It may seem to you as though sites like Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, etc. have made the modern-day Realtor obsolete. Au contraire, my friends. Those sites may be helpful for the house-hunting process (though the number of expired listings on those sites is kind of silly), but that’s really just one small piece of the home-buying puzzle. Here are just a few of the many pieces that a good Realtor will help you put in place:

  • Once you find the perfect home, do you know what documents you’re required to submit in order to put in an offer?
  • Are you familiar with the various contingency options, and do you understand the implications that adding or leaving out a particular contingency may have re: the likelihood of your offer being accepted?
  • Do you know how to best craft your offer to protect yourself from accidentally buying a lemon or overpaying for a property?
  • Once your offer is accepted, do you know what needs to be done before you can get to the settlement table?
  • Who’s going to do your home inspection? Termite Inspection? Appraisal? Provide your Home Warranty? Do you even need to get all of these things done?

And, in my humble opinion, the most important point of all: sure, you’re most likely smart enough to figure this stuff out yourself. But do you really have the time to figure it all out yourself? 

The bottom line is, a good realtor has more time, experience, and expertise than you do to get  you through what is unquestionably a complex process and one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Being able to sift through listings and open houses with an iPhone app doesn’t change any of that. Trust me, the house hunt – while important – is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Washington Post agrees, though I felt like their analysis really just scratched the surface of the issue. There’s  some interesting input in the comments section though. (No, seriously!)

Why do real estate agents still exist?

By Lydia DePillis, Published: August 22 at 10:52 amE-mail the writer

On Tuesday, the quintessentially mainstream American real estate brokerage–Re/Max–went public. The housing market is hot enough, its initial filing explained, that raising investor cash could launch it into markets around the country it hadn’t yet reached.

But wait–real estate agents? Wasn’t the internet supposed to drive them out of business?…

No Reservations? No Problem.

Ok. You want to check out that hot new restaurant down the street, but there isn’t a reservation available at a decent hour for weeks. And if you attempt to walk-in at dinnertime, you can expect at least an hour wait. Neither option is particularly appealing, but how much time can you really spend trolling OpenTable for cancelled reservations? to the rescue! The website allows you to set up alerts when a table comes available at your restaurant of choice (as long as it’s on OpenTable) at your time and date of choice. The site is still working out a couple of bugs (case in point – the “my reservation time is flexible” option is a bit unclear), but the idea is a solid one.